The freezer door on our side by side didn’t get closed tight one night. In addition to some thawed foods all the ice in the container had melted and I think it drained out through the dispenser door. Once everything was cleaned up and the ice container was back in place – we turned it on and it worked fine – till we tried to use the dispenser. It has water & ice in the door – the ice water dispenser works fine but when you depress the lever for ice there is a small click and nothing. I’ve found the dispenser motor is located underneath the ice container in the freezer. Is it possible the water draining damaged the motor? Or does it sound like something else. I would think if the motor is dead the water wouldn’t work either. I assume we’ll have to have a repairman out but I’d like an idea of what the problem is.

Not sure if all ice makers are similar. Mine has a big screw running through the ice reservoir. When you press the lever on the door the screw turns, persuading the ice to move towards the door to fall through the ice chute. It’s possible the big screw isn’t engaged into the drive behind the ice reservoir. But then again your ice maker might not be the same as mine. Mine is over 20 years old. Also there might be a electrical jumper from the ice tray motors to the refrigerator inner wall. Be sure it’s secure.