I am frustrated re how to determine if there is old lead paint underneath the subsequent layers on my walls. There is no lab that will test for it in my town, the EPA website says kits you buy yourself aren’t reliable, and my state DEP won’t answer my phone calls. I’m unemployed so if having someone come in and test is the only way I probably have to forget about doing what I was planning on doing altogether. Is there somewhere you can send a paint chip for analysis or does anyone feel there are some home tests that are accurate? I want to sand down the tops of the baseboard where old paint was applied sloppily but I won’t do it if I can’t determine whether lead is present. The home was built in 1952 so it is a possibility.

Some health depth have the instruments necessary to accurately test the paint. What town do you live in?

Never mind, found a lab here that does test for it (thought they only tested liquids) and took my chips in yesterday.