I have bad walls, gouges, nicks, holes, wallpaper pieces, things like that and I don’t have the time or expertise to get them smooth smooth smooth. SO – I was figuring to seal them after I fix them up as much as possible (by removing as much of the wallpaper, glue, and filling holes, etc.) and then I GUESS the bestest thing to do is to texturize them. I figure I’ll do color on color with a light stucco finish. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted. I am now in the process of sealing the walls with Zinsser GARDZ, which seals up the wallpaper pieces, glue, and other stuff so it doesn’t bleed, or ruffle. After that I’m not sure what to do. It’s a bathroom wall and I figure I’ll paint and maybe sponge it with a darker color (but not contrasting) after that. Question: should I prime it before texturizing? I like the effect of troweling a darker similar color to the wall, but I haven’t decided on a technique yet. So I’m uncertain as to whether I should apply textured primer, then faux finish it, or should I apply smooth primer first and then go on with texturizing it?

I painted my ceiling with texture by mixing in sheetrock mud with the ceiling paint. it worked well, although i think it would have worked better if i had used dry powder. Wouldn’t have lightened the color so much…but i could be wring about that. I’m thinking that for extra toothiness you could just use tinted drywall primer and mix in some spackle powder.

You can buy texturied paint at a store. I’ve used it and it works very well.

There is a product, Venetian plaster, easy to apply and gives a beautiful finish. Check your local big box HD or Lowe’s. Covers flaws and looks gorgeous and comes in many colors.

Thanks for your help. I’ll probably wind up going to HD & checking with the paintman there. I also found that Behr’s has a good website with info about this.