I need to replace the linoleum in my bathroom floor. The floor has many shapes. The linoleum I am getting is square (as we all know). How do I cut the linoleum, so it will fit perfectly (I have happy if it’s 90% perfect) on the floor? How do the professionals do? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Professionals use a contour guage and tape measure to make a paper template. Then, they lay out the linoleum in a large area, and mark and cut it. Next, it is rolled for the move to the room where it will be installed.

If you have the measurements of you room..get yourself a hurge sheet of paper, or some large cardboard to trace each area. Then take the linoleum outside to heat up in the sunlight…it is easier to sometimes cut. LAY every area of the floor you have traced on the linoleum, upside down and chalk on the pieces… (making sure it is turned the opposit… or you will have it backwards after cutting out. Check and double check before you start to cut. It is best that you hire this job done if you have never seen it done before.Linoleum will tare easily and you do not want a crack anywhere. If you cut this outside…or on very large floor or patio. Go get someone that is able to assist that has done this hundreds of times before. Give yourself at least 1/2 incy or more to all sides to be glued down. This is to be trimmed away at the baseboard and around appliance and bathtubs and etc. Never guess..at this sort of work..it is easier to lay down tiles. We will never again in our homes use linolium.,.without pros..that way if they make a boo-boo, it is their mistake. Same with laying down carpet.. Let a pro do it. We are not even going to do our hallway…we want that to be srones, and epoxied. That is a job nobody here wants to tackle if we go that way. If not, for now I will either use paint over the old existing linoleum tiles, or I will spray it with the stones in the can. It will cost no matter what we choose to do. We are also leaning toward ceramic tiles. We have laid those ourselves and know it works, but again it is work. There is not this much to trim, except around the edges at the baseboard, and around the closet and doorways. We just know we do not want carpet. What we priced in the stones,will cost over $1,500..but we know it will last many years, long after we are gone. Where Paint may not hold up with people in and out. In the doorway we think for sure it will be tiled. And if stones are put down, we will use a rubber mat. I do not wish to wipe up rain and snow all the time. And when the weather is really nasty we will have outside on the landing mats or good outdoor carpet that resist stains and etc. with a brook to sweep off shoes and boots, and inside a tray to put them on. Most friends and family have the sense to not track in dirt, water or mud. And we have never allowed spiked or pointed heel shoes on the floors. That can easily dent and ruin hardwood and carpets badly too.