My husband and I decided to replace the rug in the kitchen w/ceramic tile it went down good, looks pretty good, mixed the grout stuff according to directions, but I just noticed it’s starting to crack and flake out(I stepped on a piece now I have grout in my foot..LOL.) any ideas. This was a first for us (maybe the last..LOL.)

Did you first use good plywood on the floor, and hardy board before you laid down the tiles. What sounds like the sub floor was not sturdy enough to give you the firmness needed to lay tiles? This means that they shifted, when drying and not staying in proper place. Then the grout when it dried, allowed air to get in: That is one thing that may have happened… secondly. What kind of grout did you use: Dry that you mix to up to look like icing on a cake? Or ready mixed? Sometimes the grout is not damp enough to begin with, or may have been one reason it is now drying out way to fast. We use the stain proof grout. Then too we have the grout sealer that protects the grout for all dust and grimy dirt. This also helps the grout to not dry out. We applied it the next day. We used the name brand traffic master, and Aqua Mix. They also have here some dry- powered grout, which you mix, and have it exactly like paste, like spreading on icing to a cake. This grout no matter what one you chose to use, needed to applied so that it went deep into the grooves, then with another tool smooth down, then you wait until this is finished and clean up the mess. In your case. We would remove the top layer, and re-apply a new coat. Which is wet like icing, and then smooth down. With in a few hours after the entire floor (grout is 48 hours dry) add the sealer. If you didn’t live to far away we would come and look this floor over. There is always a way to solve problems. And again it may be your grout was old to begin with. Never however allow the sealer to dry, before wiping it it leaves a residue. Look at the partials on the grout now. It is dusty and dry like powder? That is a clue it was to dry when you applied it. GOOD grout will not crack out when applied right. FIRST the floor under the tile, what did you use, or not use. Tile should never be laid directly on an un-stable area. If you just pulled up the carpet I suspect you just assumed tile could go directly on that same surface. The question…what was the sub surface? If plywood, that is okay… but did you use backer board as always recommended?

You will need to remove alot of the grout before you re-grout, there are a couple of small rotary tools that have attachments just for this job, ask at the big box nearest you, second, you really need to find out why the grout is cracking, assuming that you followed the directions and it was about the consistency of peanut butter when you grouted the floor, then you need to look at the sub floor, is it solid? does it move? The grout is cracking for some reason.

I think you just nailed the problem with the peanut butter. We mixed it too thin, we are both retired and sometimes $ is tight so we go the least expensive route and this was our first time too, Thanks your advice helped, ASAP we will start again. P.S. I’m glad they will probably outlast us because I don’t plan on doing it again.