I know that this is a little off subject but i also know there are a lot of brilliant minds out there who might be able to answer my question but when i was a kid i used to collect night crawlers and sell them to the stores. I used a warm shocker which was just a metal rod with and electrical cord attached to it, and only one wire was hooked to the rod i cant seem to figure out how the thing works with only one wire working there doesn’t seem to be anywhere for the electricity to go any help would be appreciated.

Worm, rather than “warm”, shockers work just as any electrical circuit does when completed. It uses the earth as it’s ground, just that simple, nothing more.

Properly installed electric circuits have the neutral wire connected to earth ground at the panel. The shocker you describe uses the actual earth as a return line. At one time, one of my relatives lived in a mobile home that was along an ungrounded 220v line to the pump house. So, they had tapped off one side of the line for 110, and drove a copper rod into the ground for the return line. The principle is similar to a subway, except, the earth becomes the return. Not only is this unsafe, but it’s illegal

A worm shocker is a metal rod attached to the hot pole of an outlet with the current delivered to the ground. They are quite dangerous and I wouldn’t mess with them if I were you. http://www.texastriallawyer.com/news/news_page.php?ArticleID=345 used to collect lots of worms by finding the worm hole by looking for the dirt plug that they push up. I would then pour hot mustard water down the hole and in a few minutes, the worms would exit their dwelling.