All this talk of horse and cow manure, raises a question how can or how does some one go about getting „said manure” if we do not live on a farm? I know we can purchase by the bag at our local stores, but how about the real thing! Any suggestions would be welcome.

Got any riding stables near you? Many of them will be happy to give it away if you ask! I have two big Rubbermaid containers that I keep in the trunk of my car and I swing by the stables on the way home from work. It smells nice (kind of) and it’s light and easy to lift and I just fill it up & take it home and toss it on the pile!

You can go to anyone who has a horses and they are usually more than glad to let you have all the manure you can carry away. If you don’t know anyone, ask around at your local feed store.

If you don’t know anyone that has them, ask around. I’m sure they could point you to someone wouldn’t mind you shoveling it for them! If all else fails, run an ad in a free paper that you’re looking for clean manure.

We own a horse (that we keep at a large boarding stable) and there is a monstrous pile of manure behind the barn. But here in the northeast softwood shavings are the bedding of choice. So what I find when I dig deep in the bottom of the pile is what appears to look more like composting wood rather than composting manure – and it’s undoubtedly acidic. Given that my soil is acidic (perfect for potatoes and blueberries) I’m hesitant to use this stuff on my garden. Does anyone think it would be ok to use it?

The opportunity to get some horse manure came up for me today. A friend of mine owns a horse and offered to have me come out to where she boards to scoop some up and take home. My question is, do I apply it directly to the garden or put it in the compost pile first?