Besides taking the carpet up, does anyone have any ideas about stubborn, some older stains that I can get rid of? I have tried a lot of things in the past with no good result. It seems like I spread the stain instead of get rid of it. Some are food, some are dog vomit(I know yuck), some are just walk areas. My daughter is getting married and want to have the house look nice with out replacing the carpet.

You may need to call a professional carpet cleaning service, have them come out and look at the rug, they may tell you that yes they can get the carpet clean, or maybe it is time to replace it. It does sound like you need an onsite professional opinion.

I’ve always had great luck with Spot Shot Carpet Stain remover. It can take a few times, but it has gotten the worst puke stains up.

I usually use Gojo product. you can find it at home Depot. cover the area with it, wait for a minute, then rub it with a cloth. It works great.

Have you tried the stain/odor remover called Nature’s Miracle? You can get it at most pet stores. One of our dogs has incontinence issues, so we buy it by the gallon.

It sounds like most of the problem is protein stains.Try 50/50 water and peroxide.Let it set for a few minutes.Blot first and then rub with damp towel. It may take multiple times. Were you daughter walks it a larger problem. You can a dry cleaner and vacuum or call a carpet cleaning service.

Actually you can dye your carpet in place. Google Carpet Dye and you will find both pros and companies who will sell to DIYers. This might be an option if removing the stains leaves marks.

We had a section of our carpet which the cat preferred to her litterbox… Since the carpet was over a concrete slab, I was able to pour buckets of OxiClean powder dissolved in water on the stain and then use our carpet cleaner to extract the solution. I did this a number of times and also used Simple Solution Enzyme carpet shampoo a few times. It did remove the stains and the odor.

A friend of ours says she uses “Tide” as a carpet shampoo. She says it works much better than the regular carpet shampoo’s. I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t tell you if it really works. When we got a dog we also purchased a “Little Green Machine” for spot cleaning. I like it because you can just clean a very small area and it has pretty good suction. I used on a couple of Coke spills on the car seats. It took about two tanks of solution, but it got the soda out of the seats.

You know that’s so interesting. A friend of mine told me she uses Lysol for furniture stains. I tried it on a kitchen fabric chair and guess what? it worked!

Instead of using all of these chemicals, some of which may or may not work in your particular case, you need to cut out a square or rectangle of all the soiled carpet and replace it with a piece of scrap carpet (hopefully you have some left over). I recently saw a video somewhere on how to do this to make the patch look professional and blend in with the remaining carpet (maybe on Home Depot’s web site?)… But there are also kits available that help you seam it all together.