I am looking for help in taking window tinting off a car. My son got pulled over after owning the car for 3 years(bought used from a dealer) and was told the tinting is to dark. Does anyone know how to tell if it is to dark? Is there something that measures the darkness? We are trying to figure out how to take off easy.

Do you know if the tint was put on by the manufacturer when the car was new? If it came with car it should be legal. Most states don’t allow tint on front windows, but other windows can have a tint on them. If its an aftermarket tint, it might just be a film that has been put on window and may be able to be pulled off or with the help of a razor blade.

It might work if you heat it up with a blow dryer as you scrape with a razor blade. Once the majority is off “Goo Be Gone” is a adhesive remover that would take the rest of the sticky off.

First, yes there is a meter that measures tint darkness, around here the inspection shops and the local cop shops have them. Second to remove the tint, try to get a coner to start peeking then use a spray bottle with a little dishwashing detergent and water and spray the mating area between the glass and the film, keep it damp, as you use a razor blade to remove it, if it just does not peel off. the liquid acts as a wetting agent and a lubricant for the blade.