Will a heat pump work properly and cost effectively in the Detroit, Mi area? My current heat is a low-end gas forced air installed in 1985. The current central air is a lower end type unit. Is there a better forced air for the money than a heat pump?

I would not buy a heat pump for Detroit weather. When it gets cold and the heat pump can’t keep up the heat strips will turn on, then the electric meter will spin really fast. If you buy a heat pump, you will need a wood stove also.

I would put in a geothermal heat pump. with a geothermal heat pump you use the heat in the ground below the frost line and it stays at about 55 degrees year round, so it works very well both in winter and summer. A little pricey on the front end, but the savings running a geothermal unit over a standard heat pump are quite a bit.

I live in NW Wisconsin, so I understand the weather challenges. I will be putting in an air source heat pump in my new house. I’m told that this will work well until about 28-30 degrees. For a back up, a forced air system will be used. In our area, the electric company offers off peak heat and also dual heat. Also, I understand there are rebates on some heat pumps. Hope this helps.

A heat pump in Detroit wouldn’t be an option. Although theoretically they work when the temp is as low as 40, from experience I say they’re only good to 50. Colder than that it feels like cold air blowing on you, although dh insists the air was “warm”.

I live in New Zealand and have just come through the winter with 2 heat pumps in my house. The first is a Fujitsu 6.8kw in the living area and the second is a Fairland 4kw. We have just come through the worst winter in 12 years and during that time have had 4 dumps of snow and regular frosts as low as -8deg C or 21deg F. My house has remained at a constant 22deg in the living area with ease even on the coldest days. We don’t use it overnight and have even managed to heat from cold on the frostiest mornings. I wouldn’t be without my heat pumps!

My 2 ¢ on heat pumps ­ always lukewarm ­ summer or winter. And this was in Sacramento, CA, no where near as cold as Detroit. Utility bills dropped drastically when replaced with gas fired unit and new compressor. For the same $ every month had cool summers and warm winters, including paying for the equipment.

Lookup there is a new generation of heat pump I heard of a little while ago Also phase shifting salts that react to heat.