I would like to re-do my countertop, but cannot afford to purchase corian or soapstone. However, I have been hearing that there is a product that you can coat an old countertop that will make it look like a new fancy looking counter top. Does anyone know what the product is? My understanding is that you “paint” the countertop with something like a liquid concrete, let it cure, and it is very hard, looks like a tough counter top and looks real expensive, if done right. I have heard them talking about it on some hdtv ads, but they never mention the name and I cannot find out anything on their site.

I have been looking into something similar. That is, there is something made by Krylon or Rustoleum which they say you can spray on a countertop and make it look like “stone.” One of them is called Stone Creations. It is sold at TruValue hardware stores. I know this because I spoke with a guy at Home Depot. He said he, too, bought it at TruValue but hasn’t used it yet. I have heard good reports and bad about this. I’m inclined to continue investigating because my countertops are horrible (the old formica type, and white, too!) and I can’t afford better ones right now.

I used this on countertops in an apartment and while it looked really nice, it chipped easily despite using a top coat/sealer. If you proceed, just be gentle with the surface.

I have been doing some research on doing my own 12-foot cabinet again. We are looking into the Laminating and the Epoxy ideas. I would like to use the tiniest pea-gravel. Our problem is to be later food safe, as well as pretty. What I done to this counter top before I marbleized it using paints. And then put on 7-layers of Polyurethane. I have never had any problems. When we moved this to another location we notice one tiny area that needs to be touched up. No big deal. All I need to do it get back out the acrylic paints and after that dries apply the sealer. WE want to maybe in the hallway instead of using tiles…to use pea-gravel. So if anyone on this group has done this..please tell us how. Do we glue the gravel into place with a poured on subtance.. or will the Epoxy go down between and hold this in place….or do we put on first a layer of the epoxy then level out the pea-gravel evenly..to apply the top coating of sealer? We don’t want to use a sand-floor, unless we find the pea-gravel to costly for a 45 foot hallway. BUT we are determind this can be well done…only if we take our time to plan from the beginning right. The floor is now concrete, and over the years somebody laid glued on floor covering and we don’t want to remove that unless necessary. WE do not want carpet in this high-traffic area. And this will become an entrance from the L-shape cove to the new rooms, which comes directly from outdoors, where there will be all weather days to worry about. WE are wondering if we should just lay a heavy duty floor as we come into the hallyway, or do the entire area in the same substance? Right now tiles is the only thing we know will work.But we get tired of laying tiles all the time.

I just finished doing my counter tops with some paper called “Paper Illusions” I had a kitchen straight out of the 60’s and 70’s–it was that good ole Orange!! Anyway, I heard about this product that you can put on your counters and then apply Pollyurathain to it….not sure if this is what you want but it cost me around $50.00 for my whole kitchen….looks like marble counter tops now.

I looked at some of the links – how does this hold up? Using wallpaper for countertops is not my idea of a good counter top but then if it works, that idea has many inexpensive applications. I looked at some of the links and I must admit this concept is intriguing.

I am also very interested on how well this holds up. I just bought this house and have less than 5 feet of counter top space. The house was made in 59 by the look of the counters now, they have been updated. But that probably was 30 years ago and I hate laminate. If this is a strong, durable solution, I am all for it.

I have been washing mine as usual, everything is back on my counters as was before and no problems. I was worried about my coffee pot and toaster but have used both of them with no problems. Once you put the Polyurathane on, it just dries to a very hard finish…it is great…I love it! Today I am going to do the window sills in my kitchen and dining room to match.