I live in California. I rent so I don’t have much room for gardening. I have two beds 3 x 15 Ft. I am growing tomatoes, peppers (hot and sweet), zucchini and green beans. I have been eating zucchini for 2 weeks and beans for 1 week. Next week I will start picking tomatoes. It may be another month for the peppers. I have been living here for 6 years, and this year gophers have appeared. They are in my lawn, my flowers, and in my garden. Although they are not in the garden much. I think that is because the soil doesn’t hold together for tunnels. I never walk on my soil, and I add compost every year. But what do I do about the rest of the yard. There are mounds of dirt EVERYWHERE!!. I have tried Juicy Fruit Gum, but that doesn’t work. I water because I don’t want my lawn to die, but it really looks terrible. And I’m afraid someone may walk across it and end up breaking their neck. The ground frequently just gives, and you sink up to your ankle. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve heard rumors that the wooden whiligig lawn things (usually made in the shape of birds, not sure what they’re called, though) might deter moles because of the vibrations of the spinning »wings.’ I don’t know if these would work for larger tunnelling critters, but it might be worth a try if it’s not a huge space…

Gophers or moles? There are traps that can be placed in the tunnels or you can buy some type of gas capsules that can be used in the holes to gas them. You can also try pushing your garden hose down a fresh hole and turn it on – they aren’t very good at breathing under water. Sorry it just ocurred to me that you may only wanted to get rid of them, not kill them. I wonder if something like a strong natural product like peppermint oil may deter them. Not sure about the Juicy Fruit gum, maybe if they chew enough of it they’ll get cavities, lose their teeth and have to search elsewhere for softer food.

My best suggestion is get a dog. My Boston Terrier, Molly, has brought me a gopher a week for the last 3 weeks. I really feel sorry for them and grossed out also.