Have to replace a few rows of tile on the bottom of the shower walls. New tub, too, which about half a 4″ tile’s worth lower, so am trying to figure out what to do with that extra space. (yep, I’ve been a long time figuring this out…)

Plain white 4″ tiles. Some gorgeous white-glazed red-clay 8″x3″ tiles came with the house (have a vine-y flower-y raised design), enough for one row around the shower. They have a pinkish tint. Thought I might put those right above the two courses of square tiles, with a row of some kind of small pale-colored glass pieces above the clay tiles. That would take care of any unevenness in the rows relative to the tile that’s still there above it.

Is there any reason I shouldn’t use those glass “pebbles” that are used in aquariums and such? Or any suggestions for interesting glass other than high-dollar tile store stuff? I have some stained-glass random pieces that I’ve been collecting for a different project; maybe I could use those.

No, but, yes. I would suggest you take them to a belt sander and rough up the back, so they will hold onto the thinnest.