This may be a dumb question. I am wondering if they make any non-pneumatic brad nailers. I want to get something to help me putting up trim and shoe molding. I borrowed one from a friend along with his compressor. I find that I am using this more and I do not want to keep borrowing but I do not want to have to buy a compressor. I will really not have much use for it and along with not wanting to spend a lot of $$ for it I don’t just want another thing to add to my shed that will just sit there forever. Just want a power tool to help me to help me drive trim nails w/o causing too much damage to the trim.

Any recommendations would be appreciated. I get a bit frustrated going to the big box stores since these days I find that I know more than the sales people there–and that is scary since I really have very limited knowledge.

There are electric nailers for brads and staples, and there are gas powered portables that use butane and a rechargeable battery for spark to ignite the charge.

I have and still do own both and they make great dust collectors. You just can’t beat pneumatic. You can get a good contractors pancake compressor from Harbor Freight for about 90.00 which will fill most if not all of the need of the DIY’er It will run all the stapelers and nailers, but it wont run things like impacts, die-grinders, and air drill for very long because they require a bit more air. I use the devices in the field for short jobs like a few lug nuts and it does just fine. The electric nailers and staplers are for the home hobby set. The gas type work pretty good on flooring when you can stand and push down, but you have to be the force that compresses the piston and don’t try it on a ladder.

I am the tool dep manager at my local Lowe’s. I can tell you that there are electric brad nailer/staplers, but you will be limited on length of the nail. We do sell a kit that includes a small 2.5 gallon compressor and the nailer/stapler that sells for under $90. It is compact and lightweight and may be just what you are looking for. Hope that helps.

Yes there are what are called a “cordless nailer”. They are not cheap, but you can find them on EBAY for well under $100 instead of the retail price of over $250. Actually I suggest buying a small compressor, possibly also from EBAY so you can use it for other applications as well. There are all sorts of uses for compressed air such as airing up tires and blowing the dirt off and out of things.
As with anything, EBAY allows you to get something for less than 1/2 of its retail cost. Just watch the seller’s feedback score (stay with sellers with ratings above 99%+). Also, be Leary of products from Hong Kong.