I’ve been reading up on levels lately since I have some outdoor projects that will require leveling. My list includes establishing level for an above ground pool, a deck which will be off ground about eight feet at one end and maybe two feet at the other, eventually a pole barn, and a few other minor projects. It has been suggested that I can use a laser level, a transit, or a water level. I don’t really want to spend the money on a good laser level or transit, and I don’t normally like renting tools. So, I think that I am leaning toward using a water level for these, and future, projects. I came across a water level at WatrLevel.com which seems interesting. Has anyone ever used one of these? If so, how did you like it? Would a water level be the best choice for my needs, or am I looking in the wrong direction? Any advice would be appreciated.

I would go with a digital laser level, for accuracy. However, a water level is as accurate, but slightly more difficult to use. If you go with the water level, add a couple of drops of liquid detergent to the water. It makes the level work better. And, be sure you get the air bubbles out of the hose, as air bubbles throw the level off. BTW, the company you mentioned is out of stock, as is Amazon. Just co to a hardware store (Home Depot, or similar) and buy half inch poly tubing. That will do as well as the commercial rigs.

Yes, the clear tubing spoken below is all I have used at home for years and at some construction as is as good as any level for such projects and a lot less costly. One thing I’d like to add is to buy about 3/4″ tubing or 1″. The reason for the larger is so you can put a small rubber/plastic ball inside the tubing and then from any distance you can always see ti level mark at the furthest point as you will not have a helper some of the time that knows how to read the level.

I’ve never used a storebought water leveling device because it’s too easy to make your own. Clear or semi-transparent vinyl or poly tubing and food coloring is all you need. Vinyl tubing needs to be fairly large and it will kink and slow the flow so you have to watch out for that. Poly is less likely to do that.

Remember this- every time you move the tubing in any way the water level will change. It always relative, never absolute. You cannot establish benchmarks with a water level without being vigilant about your measurements, vigilant about kinks, and you must hold it very still. Water leveling can be aggravating as all @#$% but nothing works as good. I used a water level extensively in my shop to establish benchmarks for true leveling of a laser, which I then used to level critical machinery.

Water levels work just fine. You don’t have to buy anything expensive or special. Some clear tubing works great. You just get a piece long enough for what you need to do, or a couple of piece and connect them to each end of water hoses.

Well let’s see, the egyptians used water level, sticks, plumb bobs, and simple transits, and they built the pyramids– so it really depends on what you want to use, me I would go for the new toy and get the rotating laser level/ transit but them again, it’s a new toy!

They were pretty sharp with measuring devices when they built the pyramids, but mostly what they used to build them was slaves.