I’m trying to come up with some ideas on how to build a flag pole that will detach from the base so it can be transported easily. This is what I have in mind For the base I was thinking of a 2’x2′ piece of oak I have that’s 1 3/4″ thick. I put 2 pieces of MDF, 20″ and 16″ square on top of that. Route the edges and paint. I was thinking of using a 10 ft piece of 4×4 redwood post and drill out the bottom slightly smaller than a 5/8″ coupler for threaded rod. The coupler is like a very long nut. I would then chisel out the hole so the coupler would fit tight and pound that home, maybe with some epoxy to hold it in place.

Then drill out the bottom of the base with a Forstner bit to accept the head of the 5/8″ hex head bolt. This hole would have enough depth for a flat washer and a locking washer. The hole would also be large enough diameter to fit a socket in case I need to hold the bolt. Then I would drill all the way through the base, in the center of the first hole I drilled. The 5/8″ diameter bolt that’s 5″ long would get pushed up through the bottom of the base and stick out so the coupler in the base
could thread right onto it.

The only weak parts would be the coupler in the base. I’m not real worried about the bolt, since I could hold it with a socket when attaching and detaching. Any better ideas on attaching the coupler to the 4×4? Any better ideas on the overall project? Am I as crazy as my wife thinks?

So the flag POLE itself would be 10′ long and 4″x4″ square? Never seen a square flag pole, in fact pole intimates round, doesn’t it? Would not this be a flag…er umm…..ah…. post? I’m leaning towards your wife’s opinion…

Sorry, I would cut down the post to an octagon shape about 2″ diameter and sand it round. I’d leave about 2-3 ft of the 4×4 at the base. I don’t think I’m that crazy, but everyone is welcome to their opinion.

What about a steel or iron pipe, of a suitable internal diameter and length – probably a little longer than a third the length of the pole/post, sunk into concrete. Drop your pole/post into it and cut a couple of neat wedges (or, if you are or know a woodturner, turn a split collar of oak) to jam the thing into the pipe so it won’t keep swinging around. Drill a couple of drain holes in the base of the pipe just above concrete level (just in case you get some rain or a tall dog comes by).

Well maybe your wife was a little harsh…LOL That sounds to be a proper pole, a very large pole, but a pole nonetheless. May I ask, Will Old Glory be flying atop this pole of poles?