We are still building our house, and have had plans to do concrete floors also-at least in all but possibly the bedrooms. But, I was wondering how concrete floors might affect my back? Someone told me there might be more back pain from working (in the kitchen) on concrete floors. I don’t have back problems, but also don’t want any! Does anyone have any knowledge or experience on this?

You can buy for around the working areas thick rubber mating or carpet. We never have stayed in one room long enough on a bare concrete floor to see what really happens. When we worked in restaurants they use mats at all work spaces.Check this out with your family doctor.

I work for an older couple whose floors are all concrete.They have the basic floor coverings,Carpet,tile,vinyl etc… and I have never had any trouble because of it.Of course I`m only there 2 days a month but they have lived there for 6 years and they aren’t having any back problems.The only thing she has complained about is that if they have a water line to break or leak it will be a major undertaking to fix it.

I have seen cushioned underlayment that you put down before laying down tile. Cork underlayment too. Another option is cushioned linoleum. I saw this at the home store. It’s a bit thicker and creates a slight cushion compared to the regular stuff.

My house is slab concrete, some carpet, some hardwood, some vinyl, that vinyl can’t be more than 1/4 inch thick, I’ve never had any back problems. I’ve been in my house 22 years. I’d say you gonna have back problems or you’re not. Floor isn’t gonna make that much difference. Sit down more often.

Thanks for all the replies! I am feeling much more confident about the floors not hurting anyone’s back now! I just love the way stained concrete looks. We are hoping to use stencils to put in a Bible verse in our entryway. Has anyone ever tried that or had it done?