I am hoping that someone has conquered a problem I am have and could suggest where I can find screened filters that are a reasonable cost. The only veggie oil I have available to me this time is heavy with tiny white or tan particles that clog my filters in seconds. Is there any screened filters out there at a reasonable cost the will fit in a standard whole house Culligan filter housing. I think there 10” long. 

Yes you can go to a large area filter and extend the life… but the root causes seems to be the dirty oil… It sounds like you need to either prefilter with something like a 5 mmicron bag filter or perhaps adopt a “store and settle” technique: I gather my WVO in lots of about 50 to 100 gallons and then pump it into 55 gallon and 100 gallon drums, heat the lot to about 120F then let it sit for 2 weeks at 60+F. Most of the free water and particles settle out. I then pump the oil using a floating pickup into my storage tank; I see further water and particles settle out.

I then draw the oil from this tank using a second floating pickup and The oil then goes thru a heated furnace oil filter to about 170F (F4B or =) and on thru the solinoid valve. Heating the oil at the filter is very important; it allows the waxes and fats to remain in solution and pass on and get burned as opposed to clogging the filter. I have been running on my standard F4B filter for 1.5 years now and its still passing oil freely. I used to prefilter all my oil thru a 5 micron bag filter, but the “warm …settle and time” thing seems to be very efficient and I only prefilter thru the bag filter for the car.

I’m using a West Marine diesel filter/water remover/funnel. Cost is $36 including shipping for the 3-5 GPM unit. This works fine for my “pot” style furnace (Turk?). For the home, I plan this Summer when I do not have to heat the oil to flow, to use a # 60 screen, then the above (which filters to a # 80 screen) then a dairy milk line sock filter ($15 for 25) and final filtering with a 5 micron water filter after heating the oil to 150*. This may be overkill for your system. I’m burning WVO in a Toyo ‘space heater’ made to burn K1. Check out the dairy sock filters. Cheap, available and come in several lengths. I’m not in the shop right now but I believe I used a 1.5” PVC X 4” glued particularly in a 2” X 24” PVC. I fold the sock over the 1.5” pipe for about 3” and this keeps the sock in place. In my tests, warm, screened WVO (with lots of animal fat but I pour off the best oil) gravity flows through this dairy filter at around 5 GPM.

This might be a long shot but I thought it might be worth mentioning. There is a company in Tacoma, Washington that sells a specially designed parts washer. The company is Inland Technologies. As part of their filtration unit they have a screened filter like the one you seek. I have one that we were not using at work and brought it home to see if it would fit in a water filter and it seems to fit perfectly. I have not used it yet but they are out there. They may sell you a couple direct. I am not sure the micron size but they could tell you that.

Dewatering diesel 165 micron funnel/filter came from ‘West Marine’ Any farm supply can get the dairy pipeline sock filters or check for a DeLavel dealer near you. The under counter, 5 micron water filter was purchased at a ‘Fleet Farm” but similar units are at Lowes, WallyWorld … The 2.5 gallon water heater was found on Ebay but a google search will find you several in the $135 – $150 price range. In the winter, I collect oil stored in the restaurants at room temp. Then if it has animal fats, use an old sock to remove the big cunks before the stated method. I may start using a setteling tank this year.