I had an old Hunter ceiling fan in my house that was there when I bought it. I bought a light kit to install on the fan. after the installation the fan worked but the light did not. I realized that the person who installed the fan must have not connected the light power supply. I commenced taking all the wiring apart and taking the fan down, however i got carried away and disassembled the wiring to the reverse and pull cord switches. I then forgot how they were all connected. the fan is run off of the old 1920’s wiring so only a power and neutral run the the fan.

There is the following in the junction box:
1 black (fan power)
1 black w/stripe (light power source)which was not connected
1 white (neutral)
1 green (this connects to the top of the fan motor)
the rest run through to the switch housing

the switch housing has the reveres switch with:

Pink yellow
white gray
yellow pink

the pull chain has:
2 black
1 gray
1 green

the (regulator box?) has:

1 red 1 white

I believe
1 red
1 pink
1 yellow
1 gray run to fan motor

I had all the gray, pink, yellow, black connected

then all reds and whites

Leaving the black w/ stripe and light white disconnected but the fan will not work, I know I screwed one of these connections up but cant get it figured out. I can provide pictures but hard to see everything. help would be appreciated.

For comedy purposes, I wanted everyone to know that I have indeed solved my problem. I mistakenly left the Light neutral (white) pigtail attached to the light kit neutral when i dismantled the fan to rewire the box in the ceiling. The Neutral i described in the original post and attributed to the light kit was in fact the neutral for the fan motor. Hence, when i attached that wire BINGO everything back to working perfectly. I had to think to myself DARN!!! How hard do I need to make something so easy. I hope that at least this will make someone chuckle!