I have a question about fixing the pull chain to my ceiling fan. For some reason we can no longer pull the chain that turns on the light. Does anyone have knowledge of what might be needed to get this fixed? Thanks for your responses, I really appreciate everyone here and the knowledge that they share with those of us who are challenged in this area.

Replacement switches are available at most hardware stores-usually pretty inexpensive, and only a two wire hookup, hot in, hot out to light.

It’s probably the switch that has gone bad. A big box or good hardware store should have a chain switch. Rewmove the old one and take it with you just in case there are several options. Usially that requires disconnecting the wores and unscrewing the nut that holds the switch in place to the housing.

First turn off the power to the fan. you will need to remove the light unit from the fan unit. This will consist of two or three small screws around the light unit. Once you have removed the light unit you will see the switch and wires. There should be wire nuts on the two wires going to the switch, Remove them and install the new switch which can be bought from Lowes or Wal-Marts. There is a collar around the switch which needs to be removed so the old switch and be removed and the new one installed.

Yes, replacement switches are available but if this is for the fan itself (and not the light) it could have 3 or 4 (?) wire or varied colors. I suggest taking out the exisitng switch and taking it with you to the store. Good luck and be safe (turn the power off).

My ceiling fan chain for the light was always a bit tricky and often wouldn’t work. I got up to examine it and found the chain went into a kind of “box” and to get it to work right it had to be pulled UPWARD or it would get tangled in that box. When it tangled I had to get up there and fiddle with it to get it unstuck. Finally, I just got it to where the light was on and unscrewed the light bulb so I could control the fan with the light switch. I don’t need the light during summer so I just turn the fan on with the wall switch. In the fall, I screw the bulb back in and turn the fan off with the chain (which is normal.) Now I went to hardware stores and described this situation and I got blank looks. I figured part of it was because I am an older woman. I was told they never heard of such a thing and to contact the manufacturer. This unit was in the house when I bought it in 1994. I can’t find a name on the fan so I can’t contac the maker. So I just make do and climb up there twice a year. I don’t know if this is any help to you, but maybe some one else will know what I am talking about.