I started cleaning my walls today in preparation of painting. One wall has paint (over wallpaper) that is peeling badly, so I’m removing it… underneath is plaster & there is some black mold on the plaster. This wall is adjacent to the window air and that’s why its peeling and where the black mold came from. How do I clean black mold off of plaster?

Go and buy some decent face masks to wear while cleaning this area! using a 50/50 combination of bleach and water, wipe down moldy area with sponge and let dry. repeat the process to ensure good removal, allowing to dry between applications. now is a good time to find a remedy for the problem before covering the wall, or problem will return and ruin your time and effort. is the air unit leaking and providing a source of water for the mold? is there adequate ventilation? mold needs a source of food and water to grow; eliminationg these will keep it from coming back!

I’ll echo what couple of other DIY’s suggested already, as bleach works. Simply mix a tablespoon of bleach to a cup of water, adjust ratio according to size of area you are treating. Mixture need not be so strong that fumes would burn your eyes, a little goes a long way. Wear rubber gloves, and treat the area with an old tooth brush, paint-brush, spong, something of the sort. Let sit for at least a day, depending on humidity in your area you do need to wait until the plaster is completely bone-dry. If you repaint before it’s dry, later on the spots will bleed through your paint again.

There is a product on the market called ” Mildew Check” mfg. by Flood Co. It is by far the best product I’ve ever used for this type of project. You use it full strength in a sprayer. The mold just seems to disappear. You can usually find it at any big box type store.