I recently found a bird’s nest in my dryer vent. My husband removed the nest but we could still hear the bird rattling around in there. We removed the hose from the back of the dryer and he fly out into the house. We let him out but he went back in via the outside vent. One week later we bagan to smell something not right, so we took the hose off the back of the dryer again and the bird had died. this time the nest was right at the bottom of the dryer vent that connects to the dryer.

Three days later I can still hear what sounds like cherpping. I think there may be baby birds inside the vent. Any ideas on how to get them out without having to call someone to come in and do it? I was thinking to put a trash bag on the inside of the house and then get a vacuum and blow air from the outside vent into the house.

You could open the vent at the dryer, and put a leaf blower in there, and blow them out. You could try a shop vac set up to blow, but it might not be powerful enough.

I don’t know where you live, but there are usually wildlife rescue organizations you can call that will do free rescues, so they can eventually release them into the wild. Try looking up bird sanctuaries in the phone book.

If you put screen on here once the baby birds are out, make sure it is a larger hole screen and that you clean it out every week. I had thought of that, but the lint catches in the screen and will block it and become a fire hazard. I would agree with finding a rescue to get the babies out of there.