We have a crack that runs about eight feet of where the wall and floor meet in our basement that constantly seeps unless we are in a drought. We have tried several different waterproofing/water stopping methods and nothing seems to be working. I’m against doing an interior French drain as that just re-routes the water inside the basement. I want to keep the water out.

We have a large pond out in front of the house and believe that is contributing to the hydrostatic pressure issue. Other than this one area, the rest of the basement is rather dry unless we have a downpour over several days. Has anyone ever tried any of the epoxy or urethane injection products such as what you see from RadonSeal or SaniTred?

We’re also looking at digging an outside “trench drain” (sometimes called a “french drain”) between the house and pond. Has anyone done this before? How deep do you need to put these? I’ve seen anywhere from 24″ to 60″ deep.