Alright guys, need help. My back door seems to be out of alignment. When you look at it, everything seems to be good. But on closer inspection, you can see a slight slant to it. I opened it up and tried to lift it up, but it does not really move. So I thought that maybe the screws were loose anyway. I put some new screws in and it helped some. But it still wants to hit on the bottom where the door shuts. It seems that it is only hitting in the first 1-2 inches. I thought about sanding it down, but would rather fix right than fix the symptoms. Any suggestions?

Being an exterior door, first place to look at what’s going on under it. Check the reveal all the way around the door. On hinge side, on the top, if the reveal or crack is wider than at the bottom then the problem, or part of the problem could be, the jamb may have possibly moved away from its original position when it was originally hung, in which case a good long strong screw replacing one of the hinge screws. The screws are off set so use one of the holes that is closer to the center of the jamb. Second possibility, hinges will loosen up as they age and possibly the hinge pin may be worn enough to create a sag which would cause the door to catch. A good fix for this that has worked well for me, take the top hinge off the jamb side and remove a little of the wood so that the hinge sets a little deeper into the jamb or replace the pin. This will lift the bottom knob side up. Does the door stick all the time or in certain weather conditions? Remember doors, especially ones that get used allot need to be fiddled with from time to time.

My mother bought a house near her mothers. after she bought the house, we had a hail storm, we now have water damaged plaster, also have some new areas where the plaster is popping out. We also found out the house had previous termite damage, and I have seen evidence of new action. Also the paint is cracking on the walls, I’ll post some pics later. So I’m going to have a few more questions in the future : ) .

I figured I’d ask an easy one now lol, what color would you paint our front door? I put a pic under C’s house, I’d love to get a new door but doubt if we do that. I’ve been wanting to ask some questions but I just got our internet moved here, been without the internet for months, been going crazy.

I have a tri-level that I’m fixing up that was built in 1956. My father had bought it in 1965 and passed away, leaving me to fix it up. The land has changed because the house has been REsettling over the past couple of years and along with everything else, I’m having to deal with simple settling issues. It might depend on what type of land the house is sitting on.

I agree. My house, here in WNY, which was built around 1900, settles and resettles all the time. It depends on how bad the frost heave is. I have doors that close, or don’t, according to the season. And cracks in the plaster and sheetrock that I’ve patched, only to have them open up again from the ground movement. I used to live in CA (40 yrs), and the ground here in WNY moves far more than the ground in CA ever did. True, it doesn’t “shimmy” like the CA ground does during an earthquake; it moves slow and steady, up and down, all the time.