My daughter has just found out that there are armadillos under her Double wide mobile home in Georgia. She is scared to death, because someone told her there is nothing she can do, plus when the armadillos are not there anymore, the rattlesnakes move in. She has two infants and does not know what to do, and Mom is right there with her.

I have possums under mine, but never heard of armadillos? Has she seen snakes? Does she have the skirting around the mobile home secured?

Regarding your armadillos, I’m afraid I’ve no experience. However, my prairie dog “town” (thousands of them) were recently decimated by the plague. My biggest fear was that we’d be overwhelmed by rattlesnakes, which eat the young and use the dens. I’ve been happy that my neighbors have had only 2, while I’ve seen none on my 100 acres. So, caution is always the best policy, but if the rattlers weren’t there to begin with, you may have nothing to worry about. A skirt around the trailer sounds like a good investment at any rate.

I don’t think armadillos are dangerous. They eat insects mostly.

actually the fact is that armadillo’s are the only animal other than man that can be infected with leprosy. We have more armadillo’s than you can shake a stick at, haven’t seen an armadillo leper yet. The biggest problem with the leathery little dudes is that they DIG, you will probably sprain an ankle from them digging holes, long before you even find one with the disease (BTW leprosy is just about the hardest disease to get). I found 3 of the little beggars in my front yard this month, that had been hit on the road out front, the dogs even cornered one in the yard last year at 2 A.M. one morning, had to turn him around and make him go back out the hole he dug under the fence. They will run from people and large animals. One of my customers has one under her mobile home that she has named and considers a pet.

Whenever I see the destruction in my yard they leave behind, I get up about 2 or 3 am with my spotlight and .22, then go on a little dilla hunt. Those varmints can ruin a flower bed in a flash.

My mother-in-law, had an armadillo-basket. It was the hard shell. She got hers when traveling out west. And when I got married she told me how they got it. They hit one on the road. And the game warden, told her she was not allowed to keep it..but he told her where she could go to trade it for a basket to bring home. She alos learned they are used in research-for lepersy.. because of their weak immune system they can catch it easily for the research. They have 4-identical babies at birth. They do not roll up into a ball, but keep their body parts pulled inside–like a turtle. There is different kinds of breeds of them. United States is seeing many more, and illegal to have one in many states as a pet. They have no teeth but some fangs. The tongue is sticky to catch insects. Here is a web site you can pull up to read. I think it is interesting and the library has many books on them. They are messy around the yeard and like to dig, and eat your garbage.They can smell foods well, and know when you are cooking or having a picnic. What I haven’t yet found is if they are mean..or will attack? IIIf anyone finds out please tell us all. You that live where they are, we all would need to understand them. I have never yet seen alive on, in traveling, but only in a zoo. I have not to my knowledge after all these 3-4 years had a mouse in the house. remodeling somehow this one found a way to get inside the house.Maybe by a open door, when somebody carry items in and out this week. We put the cat over on this side of the house last night. In fact the cat, is the one that brought the mouse to our attention yesterday. We noticed he chased something over to the registers, and up and over a stand he jumped to the other side. This is when we pulled the objects away from the wall, just so he could more easily get to the mouse faster. Everything seemed fine that is until I was going to go do dishes. I had just loaded the dishwasher, and had gone to the hoiser (flour- sifter cabinet) to clean it off, when low and behold..this mouse was nibbling on a left over cracker-OH MY! I screamed, and the entire household came running… Even the cat. And away the cat flew chasing the scared mouse back to the one register. That is when we decided that mouse has to go. We’re not going to have a mouse, living in the house, for much longer.

We took Garbonzos litter tray, over to this side of the house, where he had to stay over night.Leaving his food to where it was, we made sure he was well fed before he was left over on this east wing. I will today be watching as I clean and sweep to see if we have evidence the LOUSY-mouse was killed and left somewhere. Gar, has never but twice caught a mole, when we were cleaning, to get ready to put down bricks, for the indoor garen floor. And we know how it got inside. The new entrance doorway was only boarded over, until the new door was installed. That meant we had to again make sure the edges were well sealed. Anyway I will try the chocolate M&M’s, and that don’t work soon enough….out comes the trap. This mouse has got to go. I am not sure until I catch or see it close, if its a mouse, or mole, but it was at least 2 inches or more, fat (probably soon to give birth) well ! not in my house. If I can catch it before Gar gets it, I can free it..but once his fangs and toenails are in it..I fear it will be to late. And knowing a cat..he will tease it before he actually kills his prey.