I just moved into an apartment recently and it has metal frames around the windows. I bought rod extensions for curtains but we have air conditioners taking up half of the double window in the living room and bedroom. I bought fabric to temporarily give us privacy. Does anyone have better suggestions for types of window treatments that won’t block our ac but still look nice and provide privacy? We can’t put anything in the walls to obstruct them as per our lease and I can never seem to catch anyone from my complex to see what they use because of my work hours.

We use tension rods with curtains the length of whatever half the window is in the windows with window a/c’s in them. There are also magnetic curtain rod supports.. I think catalogs like improvements or solutions usually sell them.

Find your self a beach towl you like that you wouldn’t mind showing from the outside then sew in some magnetsalong the sides and attach the magnets to the inside of the metal windows. If you get tired of it replace the towel and when you move you can take it with you.