We hadn’t been able to use the jets since we purchased this house as black gunk would come out when you turned them on. I’ve cleaned and cleaned with different cleaners; finally got the jets cleared and was able to enjoy it – for a week or two. I’ve read it’s a good idea to clean the jets frequently so I cleaned them as usual, ran the jets a few minutes, let it soak, drained the tub and was filling it with cool water to rinse the jets – left the room and forgot it – tub overflowed, now the jets will come on – but the flow will start strong – then slow down – then back up. Almost sounds like the air intake is blocked. This is a fiberglass, pre-formed tub shaped with back rests at each end and the back side is sculpted much lower than the front. The air valve is on that side, so by the time the tub overflowed the air valve was several inches under water. Was a pretty big mess by the time I remembered so it had been under water for awhile.

There is no access to any of the parts, not from the bathroom or under the house. It was suggested we pull the tub and check the motor etc but that’s a major job – not to mention I’d be afraid the fiberglass would break in the process. I was hoping it might just be water in the air hose and there was some way to suck it out?? I try it for a few minutes each night and it might be a little better but the flow still fluctuates and I’m afraid it will completely burn the motor out. We could probably replace the entire unit for what it would cost to have a plumber come out and pull the tub. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I wonder if you could run a hose down the air intake and see if that dislodges something. Or close it all the way when on – then open it up- or run a snake in there and see if it pulls something out.

I’m thinking of using the wet vac tonight and seeing if it will pull any water out of the air “hose”. I don’t actually know where it goes – when I unscrew it I can only see so far… but when running it sure seems like there is noise coming from there. Ran it last night for a few minutes completely closed then opened it and I think it’s getting better. Possibly it’s clearing the water out someway? Think I will try try the vac.

I have an old hot tub- in its own room- it has been through it- my youngest put dish soap in it one time!! Kids thought it was hilarious! I had never seen so many bubbles in all my life!!!! There might be a flap or valve in there that needs a little nudge- that might help=my hot tub room has some plants in- sometimes leaves get in air vent. Wet dry vac is a good idea.

I tried the vac but the hose is too large; I also tried a short piece of garden hose and that wasn’t flexible enough — it makes a pretty sharp curve about 2″ in. I may have some clear plastic tubing in the garage I can work with, otherwise it will have to be a snake or something similar that is thin and flexible. I just know something will work :) It doesn’t stop completely, the flow just fluctuates from full power to slow then back up. A little disconcerting when I’m just wanting to relax and read.

It sounds like there may be some hair or something that’s acting as a “flap”. When the object slips down, the power slows and when the power builds up, it pushes it back out of the way and the power goes full blast again till it wafts it’s way back down into place.