Any ideas on this please. AC outside compressor starts but the fan does not move or barely moves at a creep as if it’s struggling to get going. Meanwhile the unit casing is burning hot. When I stick something through the grill and give the fan blades a nudge it starts moving normally and goes through the cycle as usual. Once it has to start up again the same symptoms occur.

have an HVAC tech check the capacitor; it is kinda like a battery that gives the fan an electric boost to get going. if you are handy with your tools, you can trace the fan wiring back to the capacitor, remove it and take it to Radio Shack or similar store and see if they will check it for you. You will probably have to buy it from a contractor unless you know someone at a supply house, as these are not usually available at the big box stores.

Probably a capacitor is burned out.

It is a fairly large attachment to the motor. Used on some single phase induction motors to produce a false phase for starting. If it is burned, it may have a nodule on one side, and will be leaking oil. Do NOT get the oil on you. It is PCB, and is highly dangerous.

Be sure the breaker feeding the unit is off before attempting to service the unit. They are fed by 240v lines, which is deadly.