My wife and i currently got a mobile home given to us and I’ve been remodeling it. The old hot water heater was gas, hooked up with copper pipe that’s been removed, but the water heater was split open at the seam from being frozen.(mind u this trailer has been empty for 1 1/2 years). I have an opportunity to get a 30 gal. hot water heater cheap but was told its a 110 and i was also told it has to be a 220 that there is no such thing. My question is, which is best, gas or electric? and if there is a such thing as it hooking to a 110?. If gas is better way to go, know where we can find one cheap or free? we are desperate with little to no money.

I’m sure there are 120V water heaters, but most are smaller than 30 (Usually 20 or less). If you’ve got the money, go for a tank-less heater. They are expensive up front but pay off in the long run. I found a tankless 120V at the Lowe’s site for $236.26 but it’s only a 0.6 GPM. To be honest, if you want a 120V heater and there are only two of you, the 20 gallon tank should be OK without too much trouble. Of course you can use the tankless for the kitchen and the 20 gallon for the bathroom.

I have never heard of recycled (used but free) water heaters but maybe you could get one on Graig’s list if you are very desperate. Otherwise think of using a 5 gallon water heater. If you can take a “navy shower” this is probably the cheapest option and they are made for trailers. I live in the land of expensive electricity so in my area (North West Indiana) gas is ALWAYS cheaper unless I make my own electricity. Maybe you live in the TVA system or near Hoover Dam or something and yours is cheap. Check with your neighbors and compare.

Before spending any money, check with the building department where you live. In Riverside county, you can’t set a mobile more than ten years old on private property. Older than 10 has to be set up in a mobile park. You may not get permits, and do it anyhow, but the code enforcement will find out and make you get rid of it. Not worth the trouble and money involved in fixing it up.

Most other counties don’t have this law yet, but Riverside county wants the money.

About the heater, gas costs only about one third to operate. That’s cheaper, saving about $100 per month. Only use BRASS flex tube to set up natural gas. Copper corrodes and gets holes in it, as well as plugging from corrosion.